Not all review sites are created equal. Some of them are sponsored by certain mattress manufacturers who may want a product promoted above all others. Perhaps a Youtuber has done a review of a mattress they were given or an online reviewer specifically says they were compensated by a company that paid for the promotion.

These reviews are not necessarily inaccurate but it can leave a question of skepticism in the mind as to whether or not they were suggesting a product because it’s as good as it claims or because they got compensated for it. Even worse are the reviews that have a small blurb about a product but then put at the very end ‘navigate to this website for more information’. Of course, that link invariably goes to a specific website for a certain manufacturer. When a dozen different sites are offering a dozen different promotions, what is the next step?

Find Clear Answers

A bundle of review sites specifically are there for just reviews. Not any promotions, simply offering a straightforward opinion on various mattresses they’ve collected from people who have tried the mattresses in question and found points they liked and points they didn’t. Everyone looks for comfort and support in their beds and many are happy to provide the pros and cons of what they’ve tried.

If a review site doesn’t appear to be giving you the answers you need, take down as much information as you think may be useful and go to another site. Keep doing this until you have a good sample of information about amenities and necessities you need in a bed. If you need a king, only look for king beds. If you need a firm bed, only take down the names of beds that are firm. Over a space, reviewers tend to find a consensus over certain points that can help give you the answers a single site may not have.

Use Other People to Help Yourself

If someone else has done the work you need, find it and use it. If going to a showroom locally seems like it may offer a better price, bring along the list of items you found that you need in a bed. Ask point blank questions referring back to your list and don’t be shy about mentioning competitors. Let other people give you a hand in finding the perfect bed for you.